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posted : 2015-07-01 12:00:00
GOOD NEWS:You are in a building served by EOT, the company that first introduced FAST and AFFORDABLE gigabit+ (1,000+mbps) Internet in Brooklyn.

MORE GOOD NEWS:EOT's Internet directly connects phone calls via fiber to EOT's phone facilities, the best possible configuration for quality and reliability.
For best practices, stay on-net! Know where your call is going! Do you?
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posted : 2014-01-01 12:00:00 BROOKLYN, NY, January, 2014/General Press Release/EOT --- EOT introduces EOT CLOUD PBX™, an EOT developed telephone services platform. With the exception of POTS lines generally used for security systems because POTS lines stays on during power outages, all EOTs services will be underpinned by the new virtual-services platform.

EOT CLOUD PBX™ is based on secure, redundant server technology and permits EOT to deliver its phone clients a feature-rich service, that is easy to use and economical. Keng Lim EOT President remarked, “we developed the technology in-house based on open systems; this permits us to evolve our service responsively, based on market feedback and incorporate the best innovations as they emerge.” The following features are included:br>
Announcements, Call Pickup, Do Not Disturb, Ring Groups, Auto Attendant, Call Queuing, Fax Server, Route by Caller ID, Call Broadcast, Call Recordings, Follow-me, Soft Phones, Call Block, Call Routing, Hot Desking, Three-way Calling, Call Detail Records, Call Transfer, Hunt Groups, Time of Day Routing, Call Forward, Call Waiting, Intercom, User Online Portal, Call Flows, Caller ID, Menu Manager, Valet Call Parking, Contact Manager, Conferencing, Music On Hold, Voice Mail, Call Monitoring, Dial by Name, Remote Office Support, Voice Mail & Fax to Email...



posted : 2013-04-12 12:38:15
BROOKLYN, NY, April, 2013/General Press Release/EOT --- This month at Confucius Plaza, a Chinatown NYC public-funded housing project comprising 764 apartments and more than 50 commercial tenants, EOT will offer Internet with download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and traditional phone services over the building’s existing copper infrastructure. Confucius Plaza is situated in a neighborhood that generally has substandard Internet services. EOT applies advanced transmission over copper technology to deliver a dramatic leap forward in fast, easy and economical deployment of Internet bandwidth in building and campus environments.

Keng Lim, EOT’s co-President, commented “EOT serves the agenda to provide universal access to inexpensive high-bandwidth Internet, phone and international long distance necessary for educational, business, and other quality of life network services, including $1.00 Lifeline telephone services for qualified households. We will deliver the fastest Internet available to residents anywhere in the country for a low price in underserved communities. This will make a lot of people very happy.”

According to Ted Flomenhaft, EOT CEO, “EOT can rapidly deploy similar networks in residential and commercial settings practically anywhere in NYC. Our project financing is in place, and we expect new deployments later this year.”

EOT is a facilities-based cLEC (competitive Local Exchange Carrier), international long distance and broadband services provider to more than 250,000 business and residential customers in 15 US States. The Company is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY with network operations, points of presence throughout NYC, and additional facilities at 60 Hudson St., Manhattan. EOT is committed to continuing to irrigate underserved communities with high bandwidth services and provide other services that its clients have enjoyed since 1996. EOT is committed to the same basic strategy that made us a household name in communities throughout NYC – build a smart network consisting of the most cost-efficient, powerful and reliable technology and deliver more for the money, easy installation, more bandwidth, and the lowest cost quality local, national and international phone and network services.



posted : 2009-01-16 15:31:41
BROOKLYN, NY, JANUARY 14, 2009: EOT announced today that it will start offering effective January 21st, 2009 a new calling plan for fixed line telephone service that offer consumers and businesses new and exciting choices in Basic Telephone Service.

The New Service that is being offered under the program name "Get More, Pay Less" offers several new options for consumers that can provide savings of over 60%. This new service will enable Customers to rethink changing to a VoIP Service and staying with the traditional telephone line service that they have always known and used. The service in Manhattan is being offered for only $13.75. This compares to the Verizon price of $13.85. However, there is more to this offer than just the 10¢ price difference. Customers no longer have to worry about paying for pricy features like Call Waiting, Caller ID with Name, Three Way Calling, *69, Busy Redial and more. If a residential Customer has Call Waiting and Caller ID with Name, Verizon will charge about $29.10 per month. With EOT, the subscriber would pay only $13.75. This is a savings of over 50% with only these two features; imagine if you wanted them all. The most popular features and more are now standard with "Get More Pay Less" Service, and that is not all. Regional Toll and State-to-State calls are only $0.019 cents per minute. Subscribers receive as a bonus, 60 free minutes every month to one of 33 popular international destinations. The charge the subscriber pays for each minute above the bonus is only $0.019 cents to land line destinations. Calls to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand can be made to both fixed and mobile destinations for the same $0.019 per minute.

Offering these low rates to small users is unprecedented. Domestic toll and International rates comparable to these, using traditional phone lines, are usually reserved for businesses that pay monthly access charges of $400 to $500 per month.

Other options include the "My Favorite Nation Plan" that allows unlimited calling to one of thirty three destinations around the world for as little as $42.95 per month including line charges and all the enhanced features. Customers can choose the U.S. and Canada, or one of thirty three destinations. If a customer chooses an international destination as the "Favorite Nation", the customer will get the inexpensive domestic toll rates offered on the Basic Service, and free unlimited calling to the international destination.

For more information about these plans please contact Keng Wei Lim at Empire One Telecom directly at 718-801-8116


Empire One Telecommunications Certifies for Local Exchange Service in Pennsylvania

posted : 2008-08-01 15:09:20
On July 23, 2008 Empire One Telecommunications certified with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission as a Facility Based Local Exchange carrier. Empire One plans to be offering services by the end of the year. "This is just another piece of our facility expansion plans for the North East" say Kyle Thomas Director of Network Operations, "We will hopefully duplicate our model that had overwhelming success in New York, and continue with our network expansion".

EOT Launches i-Bridge Service Internationally

posted : 2008-07-17 12:10:00
Empire One Telecom launched its World Wide i-Bridging Service overseas today that reaches into 20+ countries and over 200 Cities, and plans to expand into more countries and cities around the world. Since EOT first marketed this service in the U.S. 2 years ago it has been very successful and the time to market it overseas has come. This service is for commercial or residential customers and is available for as little as $12.95 per month, pricing is based on the number of participants. This service allows users from around the world to dial local numbers in their home countries and get connected to EOT's i-Bridge Platform. This bridge joins people together using EOT's enhanced IP platform and can saves consumers thousands of dollars on international calling. A person with a family member in Korea, and another in the UK, and the United States can all get together on one call for the price of a local call in each country and talk as much as they want and as often as they want. It's their personal 24 hour a day bridge that allows unlimited usage for a low monthly fee. "What we find is that customer’s text their family member or emails them a time to get on the i-Bridge and talk", says Keng Lim CMO of Empire One, “They talk for long periods of time and often, it's a great product".


Empire One Lights Up DUMBO

posted : 2006-10-05 18:26:31
Thursday September 28th Empire One continued its expansion in DUMBO Brooklyn NY. EOT has brought Giga bit speeds to DUMBO. In its initial trial Empire One's penetration exceeded 50% in wired buildings, displacing Verizon as the dominant provider.
Empire One Plans to continue with its build out and expansion in Brooklyn and has plans to begin building out in Buildings in New York City later this year.

Empire to Begin Trials with Pannaway Technologies

posted : 2006-07-22 17:12:54
Empire has signed with Pannaway Technologies to begin trials of their Broadband Access Platform using ADSL2+. The trials initially to be held in several buildings in DUMBO Brooklyn will eventually lead the way to a more wide spread deployment in Verizon Central Offices. The Broadband Access Platform will give Empire the ability to immediately market Voice and Data over ADSL2+, and may eventually lead to a Triple Play. "This Demonstrates or commitment to become a serious player in New York City and lverage even further what we have built", says Keng Lim VP of Empire One. The Company will initially be offering Voice and Data to Commercial Customers in DUMBO with speeds of up to 26 megabits. "The information Highway is here and EOT is going to be the Autobann" says Paul Butler COO of Empire One, "This area in Brooklyn has been Telecom challendged and virtually abandoned by Verizon for some time".

Empire One Completes its VoIP Trials and Prepares Launch

posted : 2006-02-24 17:59:48
Empire One has finished its testing and trial of its new i-Phone service it plans to roll out in the NY City Market in Mid March as well as 45 other markets by Third Quarter 2006. "EOT will be leveraging its assets and will surprise many with it CLEC-Broadband offering", say VP Keng Lim, "EOT has a history of being competitive and this product will be no different but, we have the edge". The Company will be offering Managed PBX Service to Commercial Customers and Residential Broadband to Consumers. EOT will be one of the few Companies offering the coveted 212 exchange to business and residences as it has access to thousands. EOT plans to roll out Wholesale Service through it new Web Portal Access to pure VoIP players by Second Quarter 2006. "We know what the Level III’s of the world are doing and we can do it better and for less, as well as make higher margins", "We don't think out of the box, we tore it up" say Paul Butler COO of Empire. "Our name will become known this year as we carve out a niche and expand.


EOT to Launch Voice-Over-Broadband in New York City

posted : 2005-05-08 11:19:09
On May 6th EOT, Empire One Telecom, put into service its Voice-Over-Broadband Network and will begin its commercial launch of its i-phone Broadband Service in June starting with New York City and Buffalo New York. EOT will utilize its existing network infrastructure to provide the same quality to its i-phone subscribers that its circuit switched customers enjoy today. "This product gives EOT the competitive edge by removing the RBOC's local loop and leverages EOT's interconnection, facilities, and network." say Paul Butler COO of Empire. EOT will be offering plans that start as low as $7.95 with several features to $22.95 for unlimited calling with a full suite of Class and Custom Calling Features included.

EOT has plans to offer its i-phone Primary Line Service in Newa York CIty and Buffalo in June and is looking to expand to Albany and Rochester New York this summer. This fall EOT plans to exapnd its Local Network in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massechusetts. "The density and broadband penetration numbers of Cable Subscribers in the North East make this area of the country the most obvious choice to start marketing and building a bigger network", say Keng Lim Vice President of EOT, "We will offer secondary line and commercial services where we can but our focus will be in our On-Net areas where even a small comapny like EOT can beat the and compete with the MSOs and RBOCs".

EOT has teamed up with Coppercom, a Heico Company, its switch vendor to roll out Voice-Over-Broadband with two protocols. In its initial roll out Empire chose to utilize both MGCP NCS for Cable Broadband Subscribers and SIP for Video Phones, Commiercial and Business Centrex Services. EOT beleives in the need for a 1 to 2 punch when it comes to VOIP, each protocol has its benefits and Coppercom has given EOT the tools to compete with both protocols. EOT currently operates a Next Generation CSX 2100 switching platform manufatured by Coppercom that has built in an IP blade to connect the i-phone voice subscribers to the public switched network. EOT will take calls from an i-phone subscriber and connect them to the Public Switched Network utilizing the Coppercom CSX and EOT's existing network. For more information on Coppercom go to: www.coppercom.com

EOT Receives Authorization to Provide Local Resale Service in Illinois

posted : 2005-03-10 15:23:52
EOT recieved authority on March 9th from the Illinois Commerce Commission to provide Resal Local Service in the State of Illinois. This will enable EOT to offer a Local, Long Distance, and Internet Services as a bundle in the state. EOT is also expecting authoriaztion shortly in Michigan, Texas, and Florida for Local Resale as well. EOT had already obtianed Long Distance authority in Florida, Texas, Michigan, Colorado, and Illinois in the 4th Quarter of 2004. Eot plans to file in several more states by the first half of 2005 as it tries to cover the 32 NFL cities where 90% of its target audience resides.

EOT SIgns Broadband Equipment Agreement with Coppercom

posted : 2005-03-07 16:33:06
Friday February 25 Empire One Telecom has agreed to purchase IP Broadband equipment from Coppercom, a next generation switch manufacturer to expand EOT's current Coppercom CSX Switching Platform to provide Voice-Over-Broad to Consumers as well as Small to Medium size Businesses. This next generation platform provides EOT the opportunity to better utilize it Local, Long Distance, and IP Networks and expand its reach even beyond the boundaries of the US.

Paul Butler, COO of Empire said " This platform with our Facility Based Network gives EOT the advantage to be the most competitive player in our own back yard", " We will continue to expand our Local Network to new markets as it makes economic sense." and "As a Facility Based CLEC offering VOIP, it's Advantage EOT"

About CopperCom CopperCom, the company with, "The strength to build the future and the know-how to do it right," offers an innovative suite of telecommunications solutions for the local exchange. CopperCom enables incumbent and competitive carriers to offer a revolutionary way of delivering local telephone service to subscribers over circuit or packet-based broadband connections. In the telecom switching business since 1982, CopperCom is a subsidiary of The Heico Companies and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla. For additional information, CopperCom can be reached directly at (561) 322-4000, or via the Internet at www.coppercom.com.

EOT Introduces E-Billing

posted : 2005-02-24 17:12:53
Empire One Telecom Introduces its first version of E-Billing, the Company's online billing solution. Available now for all customers, Business and Residence, is the Company's new Online Electronic Billing System.

Customers will have the opportunity to check the status of their accounts, pay and view their bills online. With this new option customers will be kept up to date on the status of their account. Notifications for new invoices, payments, adjustments, and news on new products and services the company introduces will be sent to customers automatically.

Keng Lim Vice President of EOT say "E-Billing is going to heighten the overall Customer Experience and Satisfaction with EOT, as well as provide a better channel to communicate with our Customers".

New Internet Service & Home Card Access Expansion

posted : 2005-02-09 13:40:16
On February 14th 2004 EOT will roll out its new state of the art 100% Digital Dial-Up Internet with increased capacity and availability. Available on the 14th will be EOT’S New Internet Service and Home Card Access in Boston MA, Chicago IL, San Francisco CA, Oakland CA, and Orange County CA. Followed on March 21st will be Philadelphia PA, Dallas and Fort Worth TX, Houston, Los Angeles CA, San Jose CA and Sacramento CA. EOT plans to continue its expansion of its Internet Service and Home Card Access products throughout 2004. EOT Internet is one of the lowest cost dial-up internet service in the US, for as low as $8.95 for unlimited service you can surf the web 24 hours a day at no additional charge from EOT.

Just $8.95! Call customer service for availability or use the Home Card Access locator for a local number near you. Just call Customer Service for a user name and password and you can be on line in 5 minutes surfing, chatting, or even sending email. Sign up for EOT Local and Long Distance service and get 3 months of Internet for Free.