MEDIA THREE CORP (EOT), headquartered in Brooklyn, NY is a full service, facilities-based, residential and business telecommunication services provider and among the 1st companies in the world that offer 1Gbps+ commercial internet and the 1st to introduce 1Gbps+ service at a price others charge for basic service.

FACILITIES BASED: EOT is a facilities-based competitive Local Exchange Carrier (cLEC), certified by New York State and an Service Provider (ISP) that serves more than 5,000 business and residential customers, primarily in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY. We are headquartered Brooklyn with network operations, points of presence throughout NYC.

CLOUD PHONE SERVICE: EOT Cloud PBX is powerful, cost-efficient and delivers full-featured business phone services over standard internet connections. The service permits flexible organization of business phone services to businesses with single and multitudinous locations, manageable remotely over an online portal.

1,000 MBPS: EOT provides 1,000Mbps services and the highest speeds at the lowest prices among all competitors. Our Internet services are mainly utilized by commercial clients in DUMBO, Sunset Park Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. Our network relies on current technology permitting us to cost-efficiently and reliably push the power of the core to the edge. We've earned a reputation in NYC for delivering reliable high-speed connectivity to challenging locations.

DUMBO BROOKLYN: We were the 1st to deliver high-speed Internet to DUMBO, Brooklyn. This made it possible for the tech companies to relocate there.

INDUSTRY CITY:We relocated to Industry City to introduce 1,000MBPS Internet to this massive commercial development– more than 7-million commercial square feet. We are often tasked to provide connectivity in extremely challenging properties.

1 TIMES SQUARE:Dec. 31, 2015, EOT established 250Mbps Internet services at One Times Square in time for the Times Square New Year's Eve Celebration. One Times Square - the Crossroads of the World- is the New York and global New Year's Eve celebration epicenter. EOT was notified that there was insufficient internet needed for critical elements of the New Year's celebration, such as the event sponsor's live webcast. EOT personnel's intense focus and ingenuity resulted in delivering the services on time. The building owners entrusted EOT with this critical and challenging task. EOT delivered.