• Pinless Calling

    You can call to more than 200 countries worldwide from the U.S

  • China International Pinless

    Get EDGE for friends and family in China!
    Your friends and family in China can share your account to call to more than 200 countries worldwide.

  • China DID Number

    Your friends and family in China can call you anytime without have to worry about paying for international long-distance charges.

  • America Follow Me

    You do not have to inform your friends, family or commercial customers when you travel out of the country. Their calls will be transfer to the phone number you specify.

Pinless Calling

No Hidden Fees

Pay only for the minutes you use - no hidden charges or other fees.

Balance Never Expires

Use your available calling credit anytime, No expiration date.

Minute Rounding

You will be charged for your calls by 1-minute rounding.

Best in Class Quality

EOT’s call quality is considered among the best in the industry

Check Your Call History

Easily check your calling history on your account.

How to Use EDGE Pinless Calling

Use a touchtone phone to dial access number.
For calls within the U.S., Canada & the Caribbean:
  Dial 1 + area code + telephone number.

For calls to other countries:

  Dial 011 + country code + city code + telephone number.

How to Buy EDGE Pinless Calling

The Lowest Rates Pinless Calling is on www.helloeot.com

Or Call 1(866) - 866 - 8660

Mon - Fri
10am ~ 6pm
(Eastern Time)

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