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About Us

EDGE FiberNet Inc., headquartered in Brooklyn, NY is a full service, facilities-based, residential and business telecommunication services provider, with world-class customer care in numerous languages, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Korean and Russian, among others.


GLOBAL VILLAGE: Our Company culture is proudly multi-cultural and multi-lingual. EDGE’s commitment to diversity is a competency that permits English and non-English speaking US, non-US individuals and entities to have the most comfortable consumer experience.


TECHNICAL EXCELENCE: Our fully immersed diverse company culture pairs with our deep commitment to technical and business excellence. Our traditional and technically advanced solutions are economical, secure and evolving.


PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY: Unlike other companies whose services are defined and limited by their tools, EDGE created our own advanced, secure and proprietary telecom technology that we evolve in the direction our clients and markets require. This permits us to adapt responsively to market preferences and incorporated innovations.


CLIENT-DRIVEN: We are client-driven, committed to providing high-quality, innovative services. We’re listening to you - in your native language. Your needs drive our innovation.


FASTEST INTERNET: We are among the 1st companies in the world that offer 1GBPS commercial internet. And the 1st to introduce this service at the price our competitors charge for basic service.